The Original Xelerator Pro
The Original Xelerator Pro
The Original Xelerator Pro

The Original Xelerator Pro

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The Original Xelerator Pro Fastpitch Softball Pitching Trainer


Introducing the Original Xelerator Pro, the latest breakthrough in softball pitching trainers, representing a significant leap forward in performance and innovation. As the economy version of The Xelerator Pro, The Original Xelerator Pro comes with a foam training ball. But everything else about this cutting-edge model has undergone a comprehensive redesign and enhancement, resulting in a training experience that far surpasses its predecessor. Let's delve into the remarkable improvements that make the Original Xelerator Pro a game-changer for pitchers seeking unparalleled results.


From Beginners to Pros: The Original Xelerator Pro Transforms Pitchers of All Levels.



  • Enhanced Aerodynamics:The Original Xelerator Pro offers a sleek and streamlined design, enabling pitchers to effortlessly maintain the correct pitching plane. This improvement fosters superior muscle memory development.


  • Reduced Friction and Drag:With its new shape and plastic coating, The Original Xelerator Pro minimizes friction and drag on the pitcher's arm. This reduction allows pitchers to achieve a faster motion, resulting in increased speed and velocity.


  • Improved Airflow Dynamics:The aerodynamic nature of The Original Xelerator Pro creates an airflow similar to that of an airplane wing. This innovation automatically generates a flawless training circle, leading to enhanced accuracy and improved performance with greater speed.


  • Perfect Balance:The Original Xelerator Pro is meticulously balanced to optimize performance. This balance contributes to a more precise pitching circle, resulting in heightened speed and overall efficiency.


  • Optimal Arm Alignment:Our pitching trainer gently guides the pitcher's arm into the ideal pitching plane, aligning it parallel to the projected plane from the pitcher to the catcher. This alignment maximizes accuracy, power, and builds muscle memory that can be replicated seamlessly during live game action.


  • Enhanced Torque Generation:The Original Xelerator Pro features a lightweight, end-mounted weight that ensures the arm reaches its maximum length. This design increases available torque, translating into heightened power and faster pitches.


Experience the power of The Original Xelerator Pro as it revolutionizes softball pitching training, unlocking new levels of performance, accuracy, and speed.