The Mini Xelerator
The Mini Xelerator
The Mini Xelerator

The Mini Xelerator

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The Mini Xelerator Fastpitch Softball Trainer

The Mini-Xelerator is designed for younger girls usually under 5’ in height or those using an 11” softball. The self adjusting rope handle works for any arm length, but it is better to move up in size if you are over 5’ in height. It comes stock with an 11” leather softball with large raised seams. This product is very light weight with a small end mounted weight. The Mini is designed to gently guide the arm into the correct pitching plane. The natural training progression would be to move up to the Composit Xelerator as soon as the Mini Xelerator is mastered and the pitcher is ready.

Best Training Tool For Beginner Fastpitch Softball Pitchers


All Xelerator training products are designed to “perfect” the pitching plane and store that perfection as muscle memory. This leads to increased speed and accuracy during the game. By continuous repetition of the circular pitching motion, the Xelerator gently guides the arm into the perfect pitching plane and stores this motion into the body’s muscle memory. This develops a pitching plane that promotes a long arm and a perfected line of force that translate into the maximum velocity possible.


  • Easy To Use – The Xelerator is a self-correcting training device. It automatically guides your arm into the perfect pitching plane. Since the ball is never released, there is no need for a catcher. This allows you to train indoors or out all year, on your schedule.
  • Reduced Training Time - The Xelerator reduces training time from hours to minutes by allowing the pitcher to replicate up to 100 pitches per minute through a continuous circular pitching motion.
  • Quick And Easy Warm-Up – The Xelerator can be used as a warm-up trainer before games or between innings. A relief pitcher can warm up in a few minutes, without a catcher and be ready to enter a game.
  • Helps Reduce Injury – The Xelerator is also beneficial for conditioning of the arm and shoulder.
  • Corrects Bad Habits - The Xelerator is self-correcting and eliminates bad pitching habits learned over years of practice resulting in improved technique and increased accuracy.